Experience Marathon

Why choose Marathon Beach Resort?
It is just 45 minutes drive from Athens historical center; the ideal combination
   of staying in a summer resort and a city visit.
 Alternatively, the perfect escape from everyday life.
Modern and fresh rooms - pure white with color splashes.
The trendiest swimming pool in East Attica. Great food, refreshing drinks and cool
   dives with the rhythm of music.
The Miami Nights Rooms! Only for those want to party, drinks at Baraki,
   after hours Hot Dog and...shopping!

Do you want more? 
• Cycling and jogging on the beach.
• Salsa or Zumba lesson.
• Personal training or play tennis.
Just name it! Our friendly, smiley and helpful staff will make it come true.

Do you wish to pre-arrange the experience?
Contact us: info@marathonbeachresort.com